High-Visibility A-Frame Signs


Our high-visibility A-Frame Signs are perfect for any temporary message display needs. Portable A-Frame Signs contain two sides of convenient messaging that anyone can see, and it only takes seconds to bring one out and stow it away safely. Whether you're having difficulty enforcing parking policy or directing indoor foot traffic, our A-Frame Signs are ideal whenever and wherever you need to display a message.

Measuring 36” tall with space for a 24” x 12” sign inside, our lightweight Plastic A-Frame Signs are easy to carry via the built in handle, yet the sturdy hinge keeps everything in place and stable once you set it down on the ground. The signs themselves are recessed into the A-Frame to protect the sign face, meaning that your signs will last much longer in our A-Frame than they will in others.

For outdoor use, the A-Frame itself can be weighted with sand or water to increase stability in any weather condition or on uneven surfaces, making tipping less likely and reducing micromovements that can affect visibility. Available in Safety Orange or High-Visibility Yellow, our A-Frame Signs are the quickest and easiest way to display messaging when it matters most.