NPS® Brand Stool Style Rectangular Cafeteria Table (MTS Series)

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NPS Brand Stool Style Rectangle Cafeteria Table
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The Mobile Stool Style Rectangular Cafeteria Table from National Public Seating provides optimal mobility, stability, and safety in your school cafeteria. Rectangle Stool Tables are an excellent choice for situations where more space between students is needed. 

Quality constructed on a 14-gauge steel frame with “Tamper-free” hardware that holds the “wobble-free” stool caps securely to the frame. Table Tops are protected by a high-pressure laminate top and a phenolic backer sheet allowing them to be power washed.

It’s crucial to keep safety in mind when ordering cafeteria tables for your school, not only for the students but also for the staff responsible for cleaning, repairing, and transporting them. 

Rest assured that your tables will operate safely and smoothly with National Public Seating’s EasyLift torsion bar system. The storage latch release handles automatically lock when folded up and are conveniently accessible on both sides of the table without having to reach in on the table unsafely. The cafeteria tables feature a self-leveling automatic down lock that engages at the partially opened position for safe and efficient cleaning and then again at the fully expanded ready-to-use position. When fully extended, the casters will lift off of the ground eliminating the potential of the table moving while in use. The unobstructed stool entry points ensure safe use by eliminating any potential trip points.

Mobile Stool Tables are available in a variety of configurations to fit your school. Choose your student capacity, table size, frame material, core material, edge options, and color combinations from a variety of choices.

  • Customizable: Rectangle Tables are available in eight colors with an MDF, Particleboard, Plywood Core, and Vinyl T-Molding or the Anti-Bacterial Protect Edge options. Offered in multiple color combinations. 
  • Certified: NPS Mobile Tables have been tested for 7,000 open/close cycles exceeding the UL testing of 6,000 cycles. MAS2 Certified Green. 
  • Safety First: Tables are optimized for safe use featuring “wobble-free” stool caps, automatically locking storage latches and down lock, and “no-trip” heavy-duty 4” in. Casters. Folds in teepee position to prevent potential tipping. 
  • Quality Assured: All steel frame with high-impact polystyrene stools and laminated phenolic tabletops. Backed by a Limited 15 Year Warranty.
  • Spacious: Mobile Stool Style Tables allow students to have more personal space when seated versus Bench Style Cafeteria Tables.

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  • Available Lengths: 8', 10', or 12'
  • Seating Capacity: 8, 12, or 16
  • Table Height: 27" (16 Stools) or 29" (8 & 12 Stools)
  • Overall Width: 59"
  • Frame: Chrome or Powder Coated Steel
  • Seating Style: Stool
  • 8 Stool Dimensions:
    • 30"W x 97"L (Unfolded)
    • 32" x 59" x 57" (Folded)
  • 12 Stool (10') Dimensions:
    • 30"W x 121"L (Unfolded)
    • 59" x 36" x 73-1/2" (Folded)
  • 12 Stool (12') Dimensions: 
    • 30"W x 145"L (Unfolded)
    • 59" x 39" x 79-3/4" (Folded)
  • 16 Stool Dimensions:
    • 30"W x 145"L (Unfolded)
    • 59" x 35" x 81-5/8" (Folded)


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