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"Coat and Backpack Hanging Rails help to manage students' messy and disorganized backpacks, coats, or anything that requires hanging in classrooms and hallways..."

Give students and teachers a reliable and strong Hook Rail System to hang backpacks, coats, sweatshirts, and so much more, and allow them to stay more organized in their personal workspace. The problem with old school coat racks is that they took up a lot of space in hallways or classrooms, and that's exactly the area that you struggle with ample space in the first place.

Hookline Hanging Rails: The BEST solution for BETTER classroom organization

Coat and Backpack Hanging Rails for SchoolsCoat and Backpack Hanging Rails for Schools

Choose a better solution to help manage students' personal gear. The Hookline Hanging Rail System is a low-profile solution, mounting directly to the wall without brackets that project from the wall. Today's design standards call for a more low-profile option, mounted tight to the wall, to allow more unobstructed foot traffic in hallways and classrooms. 

Hookline Rails are engineered from Extruded Aluminum, with Cast Aluminum Double Prong Hooks or high-impact Plastic Hook options, available in many colors. The Aluminum Channel itself projects just 1/2" and securely holds the Coat Hooks in place with two Aluminum Rivets. Hookline Hanger Rails are 92" long, with a total of ten Double Prong Hooks (20 individual Hooks) per 92" section. The Hooks (both Aluminum or Plastic Hooks) project 1" from the rail, to provide low profile functionality. The Rail Sections can be mounted individually or about them together to create any length and can also be cut to the desired length to fit between doors or windows.

Hookline Rails feature EASY and PERMANENT installation to save you time!

Aluminum Coat and Backpack Hook Rails Easy InstallationAluminum Coat and Backpack Hook Rails Easy Installation

Installation is simple; the surface-mounted design simply screws into your existing walls. The Extruded Backchannel is available in Natural Aluminum or Anodized Black Aluminum. Both finishes resist any scratching to stay looking great in a heavy-use school environment. When ending a Hook Line, install matching Aluminum End Caps to cover any exposed areas and provide you with a professional fit and finish.

Low Projection & Wall-Mounted Peg-Style Coat Hangers

Another popular school-focused solution for student coat and backpack storage is our Peg Style Coat Hanger. Available in 36" lengths, with six Aluminum Hanging Pegs per section. Each Peg is made from Cast Aluminum and has an ergonomic rounded front, designed to hold backpacks and coats securely. The round Pegs project 2-1/2" from the backing plate and are riveted through the back, to hold the Pegs secure.

The Peg-style channel design can be abutted together or cut to size to create any length you need. The Aluminum is brushed to appear more similar to some other traditional school finishes and to make this Coat Peg System look like it was installed that day your school was built.

Surface-mounted installation is easy; simply screw to the wall with the Wall Anchoring Hardware that is provided with each order.

Hook Systems with Shelves are a preferred option for coats, backpacks, and bulky items

Traditional Shelf and Hook Coat Rack Systems have the largest capacity of any wall-hung coat and backpack storage system. The unique rail shelf designs are built to circulate air, keeping everything as dry as possible. Perfect for snowy or rainy weather conditions, where everyone is shedding and hanging their wet gear. Large capacity Double-Prong Hooks have the largest storage capacity available of any of our designs. Choose Hook or Hanger designs to fit any school or classroom environment.

Replacement Hooks, Hangers, and EVERYTHING you need for your existing Coat Racks

We have all of the Replacement Hooks and Hangers for any of the most popular Coat Rack brands that have been used in schools for many years. Sometimes it's easier just to fix up your old Traditional Coat Racks, and we at School Fix® have everything you will need to tune up and make your existing Coat Racks fully functional again.

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We at School Fix® Catalog are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about Hookline Hanging Rail Systems, Coat Racks, and other Replacement Parts. Give us a call at 1 (800) 930-6299 or email us at; we have knowledgeable staff on standby ready to give you answers.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog, or explore our collections of products. We have everything from Parking Lot Barricades to Chair and Desk Glides and even Cafeteria Tables!

Aluminum Coat and Backpack Hook Rail FeaturesAluminum Coat and Backpack Hook Rail Features

Aluminum Coat and Backpack Hanging Hook RailsAluminum Coat and Backpack Hanging Hook Rails
Aluminum Coat and Backpack Hook Rails

  • Length Options: 36" (4 Hooks), 60" (6 Hooks), or 92" (10 Hooks)
  • Rail Materials: Standard Aluminum or Black Anodized Aluminum

36" Aluminum Coat Rack with Hanging Pegs36" Aluminum Coat Rack with Hanging Pegs
36" Aluminum Coat Rack with Hanging Pegs

  • Length Options: 36" (6 Hooks)
  • Rail Materials: Standard Aluminum

Steel Hook & Rail Coat Racks with Single ShelfSteel Hook & Rail Coat Racks with Single Shelf
Steel Hook & Rail Coat Racks with Single Shelf 

  • Length Options: 24" (4 Hooks), 48" (8 Hooks), 60" (12 Hooks), 72" (16 Hooks), 96" (18 Hooks), 120" (24 Hooks), 144" (32 Hooks), or 192" (40 Hooks)
  • Rail Materials: 3/4" Square 18-Guage Powder Coated Steel Tubing in Black or Gray

Replacement Hooks and HangersReplacement Hooks and Hangers
Replacement Hooks

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