How to Use the School Fix® Custom Sign Designer

1. Navigate to the product named “Aluminum Build Your Sign”. If you have a particular size already in mind, please select the proper options and click the “Design Now” Button. If you do not have a particular size in mind and just want to start designing, simply click the "Design Now" Button to enter the Design Portal.


2. This should take you to the new School Fix® Sign Designer Portal and look something like this:


3. In the leftmost column on the screen, you will find the tabs for various customizable options that you can apply to your design. They are defined as follows:

  • Insert Text - Enter any text you would like to use on your custom design. You will see it appear on the sign as you type.
  • Clip Art (Graphics) - Choose from our library of generic school mascots, shapes, and standard sign symbols for your design. To toggle Clip Art Categories, use the Dropdown Menu within the box by clicking where it says "Please Select a Category..."
  • Upload - Upload your own school mascot, symbols, or clip art to use on your custom design.
  • Background - Select a background color for your sign, and click on the white circle to see more options.
  • My Designs - See your previously saved custom sign designs.


4. Moving to the right, next, you will find a box with selectable sign templates. These templates allow you to change the border color of your sign. Choose from Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. If you would like to receive your design in a different border color that is not listed, please specify it in the Alternate Border Color Text Box that appears after clicking add to cart.


5. Next, at the top-center of the screen, you will find a set of icons that allow you to do the following:

  • Preview - View your custom design in a preview window, if you have configured designs on more than one border color, you can compare the look of each design here.
  • Share With - Share your custom design via Twitter, Pinterest, or Email.
  • Save Design - Save your custom sign design for future use.
  • Download - Download your custom design to your computer as a .JPG image.


6. Below the Sign Designer Area, you will find buttons for the Sign Designer Interface Controls. They perform the following actions:

  • Undo - Undo the previous action.
  • Redo - Redo the previous action.
  • Zoom - Zoom in on your design, and drag the circle across the line to zoom in and out.
  • Reset - Clear and reset your custom sign design.
  • Ruler - Enables the Ruler Tool.
  • Gridline - Enables Gridlines to help make positioning objects within the design area easier.


7. Moving to the right again, you will find a small box that says “Product Options”. Clicking this box will allow you to change the product you are designing from within the portal. Simply select a Reflectivity and Size option to change the product. You will also find Border Colors here, as previously mentioned.


8. To the right of “Product Options”, you will find a box for Editing Actions that you can perform on objects within your custom sign design. The actions are defined as follows:

  • Alignment - Includes Alignment Tools such as “Left, Center, Right, Top, and Bottom”
  • Layer - Allows the selected object to be brought in front of or behind other objects.
  • Flip - Flips the object on a Horizontal or Vertical Axis.
  • Tools - Includes various editing tools such as “ Select All, Deselect All, Duplicate, Delete, Best Fit, Crop Image, and Make It Pattern”.


9. In the top right corner of the screen you will find icons for “Help” and “Customer Login”. Please note that you must be logged in in order to save designs and use saved designs.


10. At the bottom right of the screen you will find the price of your design, as well as the “Add to Cart” Button.


11. To add your custom sign design to your cart, simply click the “Add to Cart” Button and select “OK”. Next, you will see a pop-up displaying all of the information surrounding your custom sign design. Make sure to enter your desired quantity, which has a default value of “1”, and also provide any notes for your design in the “Add Note” Section. When everything looks good, simply click the “Add to Cart” Button again, and you will be redirected to your Shopping Cart, where you can proceed to check out with your design.

*Do not change the “Size Value” from this pop-up, as it could unformat and invalidate your design.*


12. Once you have submitted your order, we will email you a final proof of your custom design for your approval. Once approved, our Sign Department will begin producing your custom sign order and ship it to you upon completion.


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