Flooring Saver Kit With Glide Remover

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So you’ve got wobbly chairs, chairs that are wearing through their end caps, and you just don’t know what the right product is to make all the replacements--and you don’t want to order 500 chair glide caps without knowing if they’re the right product for you. This kit will put you at ease. With samples of many of our top products, you can know if you’re getting precisely what you need.

Included in this set are:

  • Big Bang Glide Remover Tool: RT8. This glide remover is the right tool for the right job--you won’t find anything else on the market that can remove a glide as easily as this one because it was custom made just for that purpose.
  • Q-Ball Chair Glides: F71- 5/8" Q-Ball Renewal Glide, SGF79- 1-1/8" Q-Ball Glide w/felt Cap, Q42STAR- 1" Q-Ball w/star top, Q44STAR- 1-1/8" Q-Ball w/star top. These Renewal Glides are stylish and perfect all-in-one solutions to make sure your chairs are level and scratch-free.
  • Swivel Glides: G4200- 5/8" O.D. metal-based swivel glide, GPE4215- 5/8" O.D. nylon-based swivel glide, G4406-1/4"- 20x1" metal base adjustable glide, GS6638N- 1-1/8" O.D. nylon-based swivel glide. A basic glide to replace glides that have seen better days, these swivel glides can stand up to a LOT of punishment.
  • Chair Tips: CT717T- 7/8" Rubber Chair Tip, GT703PT-7/8" Plastic Chair Tip
  • Glide Caps: C38R- Carpet Cap Chair glide for 1-1/4" Deep Style Nylon base

Make the chair glide and tip replacement decisions easier and more accurate with our flooring saver sample kit. It’s easy to compare glides and tips and make the decision quickly.

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  • Multiple Styles and Sizes Included
  • Measuring Tool Included
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