Felt Base Q-Ball® Glides

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Felt Base Q-Ball Glides
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Felt Base Q-Ball® Glides retro-fit all existing school furniture with round leg tubing allowing for a quiet, scratch-free function, and the flexibility to use furniture on all floor surfaces, including carpet, VCT tile, traditional tile, and hardwood floors. The Felt Base allows the furniture to slide smoothly and is a popular choice when the mobility of the furniture is important. 

Traditional chair glides wear over time and can cause costly damage to your floors. Fitting your school furniture with low-friction Q-Ball® Glides eliminates the potential of damage to your floors, driving down maintenance and labor costs. 

Eliminate uneven and wobbly legs from worn-out chair tips and glides. Our Q-Ball® Glides are designed to keep your floors safe and your chairs steady, level, and quiet. The Felt Base Q-Ball® Glides feature a renewable surface that can be swapped out at any point in time for a fresh, clean contact to your floors. 

Available in five sizes to fit all round-tubed stacking chairs, student workstations, stools, and desks. With easy, permanent installation these won’t be a challenge to put onto your chairs and you won’t have to worry about them coming off. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, Q-Ball® Glides are made to take all the abuse that can be dished out on school furniture such as dragging across the carpet, sliding down tile halls, leaning, bumping, and clanging.

  • Savings are Dramatic: The investment in Q-Ball® Glides pays for itself just in floor maintenance savings.
  • Designed to Save Floors: The unique ball shape design reduces the surface-to-floor contact by 80%, eliminating floor scratching and grinding.
  • Permanent Installation: Engineered to fit over hollow chair legs with non-reversing ridges that hold the ball securely on the leg.
  • Felt Surface: This easy-slide surface is a popular choice because it stops floor scratching while allowing the ability to slide or "scooch" the chair or desk.
  • Easy Installation: Simply push the Q-Ball® Glide over the hollow furniture leg.

Be sure to confirm the correct size option when ordering Felt Base Q-Ball® Glides for your school. You can do this by measuring the existing chair leg tubing with our free Measuring Wizard or simply with a ruler or tape measure.

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  • Material: Polyethylene with Holding Clip
  • Color: Gray
  • Eliminates Floor Scratches
  • Will Not Release Harmful Fibers Unlike Tennis Balls
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



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