Cord Covers - Indoor & Outdoor

Protect students and staff from trip hazards by placing power extension Cord Covers over power cords. Choose from durable Indoor Covers, available in 5', 15' and 30' lengths, with a 3" width. Made from soft PVC material, perfect for use in classroom or office settings. 

Choose the large 10" wide by 40" long heavy-duty Linkable Cord Covers for high traffic indoor or outdoor use. The ends link... Read More

  1. Power Extension Cords
    As low as $39.55
  2. Black/Yellow 2-Channel Rigid Cord Cover, 10in.W X 40in.L
    Only $53.35 As low as $51.90
  3. Drop Over Cord Cover
    As low as $56.93
  4. Indoor Cord Covers
    As low as $12.23
  5. Black Flexible 1-Channel Cord Cover
    As low as $13.10

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