1. Replacement Sharpener Stand (housing)
    Replacement Sharpener Stand (housing)
    Only $4.35
  2. Complete Tiger Pencil Sharpener Manual Pencil Sharpener P442
    Complete Tiger Pencil Sharpener
    Only $14.69 As low as $13.37
  3. Reinforcement Wall Bracket for Tiger Pencil Sharpener Mounting P10381
    Reinforcing Pencil Sharpener Bracket
    Only $2.41
  4. P103KSH
    Replacement Sharpener Handle
    Only $3.29
  5. P1247KS
    Replacement Sharpener Case
    Only $5.34

Shop our durable and cost-effective line of Tiger products; built school tough. We offer complete manual pencil sharpeners, as well as replacement sharpener cutters, handles, brackets, casings, and stands.