"One of the toughest aspects of running a classroom in 2021 is gaining and maintaining your students’ attention, strategically placed Markerboards can DRAW attention to themselves..."

Classroom technologies and teaching tools have changed and advanced themselves. Still, Whiteboards, also known as Markerboards or Dry-Erase Boards, remain a viable teaching tool, and in many ways, the most essential teaching tool in the classroom, gym, or office. That’s not to say a more advanced visual board is not needed to maximize teaching effectiveness. However, simple and reliable Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards are still a massive part of the classroom toolbox. Teachers rely on a significant Marker Board presence to accommodate planned or on-the-fly problem solving, whenever or wherever it is needed. Reliable Markerboards are still considered a must-have at any K-12 teaching level and well beyond. Keep the more innovative visual technology around, but back it up with large Dry-Erase Boards to maximize teaching impact.

Choosing the best Whiteboard is an important decision.

Consider the downside of making the wrong decision. Low-quality Whiteboards made from substandard materials easily can easily scratch or may not have a surface that can allow the user to easily and quickly remove writing. Schools have an expectation that their Whiteboards will perform better than something that you may run across in a big-box store or find on the internet from a "specialist". School-quality Whiteboards are backed by a strong warranty, and that's exactly what you will get from ours. We have been selling Markerboards to schools nationwide for over 32 years, and we know what our customers tell us. The School Fix® Companion Bulletin Boards can allow student projects or teaching instruction to be displayed on either side or within sight of the Whiteboard, with complimentary color options to fit any classroom environment.

Every Whiteboard starts off White, but the quality of the surface makes the difference in the long-run.

School Fix® Whiteboards are available with Porcelain or Powder-Coated Surface options to fit any budget and performance requirements. Porcelain is the best and most vibrant, durable, and highly visible Whiteboard surface and is backed by a Limited 50-Year Warranty. You won’t find a higher-quality Dry-Erase surface on the market today. School Fix® Powder-Coated Surface has a Limited 10-Year Warranty and is considered a high quality but more budget-conscious choice. So it depends on where you are putting it, the frequency of use, and if your "long-term" use leans towards 50 years or just ten years.

Highly visible and easy to read from anywhere in the classroom.

Choosing a Marker Board that will stay looking great for years without a ghosted or wavy surface makes sense today and tomorrow. The backing is crucial to the function of the Marker Board in the long term. Ensuring that you are purchasing a Whiteboard with a rigid moisture barrier backing will eliminate wavy and uneven surfaces, even in the most humid environments. Summertime in a school can be a hot and extremely humid place. Climate control in a classroom in the summer may be non-existent. This humidity can cause some lower-quality, cheaper Dry-Erase Boards to fail. Humidity can cause them to flex and look wavy. School Fix® Whiteboards are engineered with a Galvanized Steel Backer Sheet that covers the entire length of the Whiteboard. We equip our Bulletin Boards in the same way, with Galvanized Steel to eliminate any wavy surfaces. This is a big deal, not all manufacturers make their boards in this way, and it can cause a lot of problems.

Ergonomic Aluminum Frames to give a professional fit and finish.

School Fix® Dry-Erase Boards have a high-quality Aluminum Framework and low-profile Marker Trays that include Radiused Corners to eliminate sharp edges. Integrated Corners lock the Aluminum Channel in position and eliminate any corner gaps. Corners and Galvanized Backer Sheets are riveted together to keep everything secured.

Installation of some competitor's Whiteboards can be daunting, demanding, and unpredictable.

Designed to be hung with minimal effort, our simple "L" Wall Bracket Screws into the wall and frame to hold the framework securely to the wall, and once installed, the "L" Brackets are not visible to the eye. This design holds the Whiteboard in place and allows the flexibility to add Bulletin Boards on one or both sides in a traditional classroom configuration. Brackets can be placed at the top, bottom, and sides; Frames are not pre-drilled to accept Brackets so that the location choice can be made by the installer so that Brackets can be screwed into mortar joints or blocked areas.

Choose the top Map-Rail Cork Display Channel to hold flags, maps, and student projects.

A popular choice is to add the optional Cork Map Rail Display at the top of the Marker Board to give the ability to hold Classroom Flags and Maps, as well as teaching aids and student projects.

SEE the Difference to Be the Difference.

We hope that you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog, or explore our collections of products. We have everything from Parking Lot Barricades to Chair and Desk Glides and even Cafeteria Tables!

We at School Fix® are happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about Whiteboards, Markerboards, and Portable Writing Surfaces. Give us a call at 1 (800) 930-6299 or email us at sales@schoolfix.com, we have knowledgeable staff on standby ready to give you answers.

Teacher with Markerboard in ClassroomTeacher with Markerboard in Classroom

Combination Whiteboard with Bulletin Boards on Both SidesCombination Whiteboard with Bulletin Boards on Both Sides

Combination Whiteboard with Bulletin Boards

  • Whiteboard Surface Material: Porcelain or Painted Steel
  • Bulletin Board Material: Fabric Covered Cork Board

Porcelain Steel Whiteboards 50 Year Warranty Porcelain Steel Whiteboards 50 Year Warranty

Porcelain Steel 50 Year Warranty Whiteboards

  • Board Material: Porcelain Surface on 28-Gauge Steel
  • Frame Material: 1in. Wide x 7/8in. Thick Extruded Aluminum

Painted Steel Whiteboards 10 Year WarrantyPainted Steel Whiteboards 10 Year Warranty

Painted Steel 10 Year Warranty Whiteboards

  • Board Material: Painted Surface on 28-Gauge Steel
  • Frame Material: 1in. Wide x 7/8in. Thick Extruded Aluminum

Whiteboards & Bulletin BoardsWhiteboards & Bulletin Boards

Whiteboards & Bulletin Boards

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