Popular Janitorial Tools

  1. Heavy Duty Broom and Dustpan Combo with Aluminum Handles
  2. 12in. Plastic Dust Pan
  3. 12in. Heavy Duty Metal Dustpan
  4. Power Drill Scrub Brush Kit - 4pcs.
  5. Power Drill 5in. Cleaning Pad Holder Head Only
  6. Universal Extension Pole Adjustable 2.5 - 4ft.
  7. 14in. Microfiber Dust Head w/2.5 - 4ft. Extension Pole
  8. Microfiber Cleaning Mitten
  9. 14 Quart Heavy Duty Bucket
  10. Power Drill 5in. Scrub and Polish Pad Attachment
    As low as $1.98
  11. Multi-Surface 2-Angle Brush, 6-1/2in.
  12. 5in. Poly Scrub Brush
  13. 9in. Nylon Thin Scrub Brush
  14. 13in. Long Counter Brush
  15. 4 1/2in. Round Wash Brush
  16. 15/16in. X 54in. Corn/Fiber Echo Broom
  17. 38in. Aluminum Handle Soft Bristle Broom w/ 12in. Head
  18. 54in. Aluminum Handle Soft Bristle Broom w/ 12in. Head
  19. 7/8in X 55in. Corn Broom
  20. 1-1/8in. X 24in. W X 60in. Handle - Soft Bristle Push Broom
  21. 18in. Hard Bristle Push Broom With 56in. Steel Handle
  22. Cob Web Duster
  23. Ceiling Fan Duster
  24. Microfiber 2 Sided Duster Mitten
  25. Microfiber Mitten
  26. Microfiber Dust Cloth 16in. X 16in.
  27. Microfiber Terry Cloth 16in X 16in
  28. Microfiber 12in X 12in Dust Cloth
  29. 26in. Long Poly Fiber Duster
  30. Extendable Lamb’s Wool Duster
    As low as $12.10

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