5 X 8 Foot U.S. Flag Display Set

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  • Material: High-Quality Nylon w/ Double Stitched Gold Fringe
  • Flag Size: 5ft. x 8ft. 
  • 11ft. 2-Piece Anodized Pole
  • 12in. Dia. Weighted Base
  • 8-1/2in. Decorative Brass Eagle Topper
  • Decorative Cord & Tassels
  • Total Weight: 13lb

Flag Display Sets are a perfect addition to any setting with a centralized public speaker or group of public speakers. Nylon flags offer vibrant color that is completely fade-resistant. The flag features a high-quality, double-stitched material with decorative gold fringing. Set includes (1) 5ft. x 8ft. Nylon Flag, (1) Cord and Tassel Set, (1) 11ft. Anodized Pole (2 Pieces), (1) 12in. Weighted Base and (1) 8-1/2in. Brass Eagle Topper.

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