Wire Guards & Protective Cages

SchoolFix® popular commercial-grade Wire Guards are used to protect clocks, emergency exit lights, loudspeakers, fire strobes, or any wall-mounted equipment around your school gym, hallway, office, or classroom. They are made from 6-gauge Steel Wire, with integrated and adjustable Mounting Brackets for easy installation. Simply choose the appropriate size and shape to fit over your existing... Read More

  1. Multi Purpose Wire Guards
    As low as $40.98
  2. Security Light Guards
    As low as $20.85
  3. Horn / Strobe / Speaker Wire Guards
    As low as $34.95
  4. 10in. x 6in. Octagon Wire Guard
    Only $43.84
  5. 20in. x 6in. Octagon Wire Guard
    Only $63.75
  6. 8in. x 6in. Round Wire Guard
    Only $31.78
  7. Horn / Strobe / Speaker Wire Guard
    Only $32.88

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