Virco® 9000 Series Chair Shell Replacements

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Virco 9000 Series Replacement Chair Shell
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*This product cannot be sold for any other purpose other than replacing the original Virco 9000 Series Chair Shells.

Repair your Virco 9000 Series school furniture by simply saving the chair or desk frame and replacing the old or worn-out chair shells with our Virco 9000 Series Replacement Chair Shells. Chair shells take the majority of abuse through the years, and generally speaking, the frame remains in decent shape. Replacing just the shell itself can save your school a lot of money compared to full furniture replacement. Replacement Shells are constructed of durable, one-piece Polyethylene injection-molded for strength, with integral bracing built right into the chair seat and back.

The ergonomic shape of the Virco 9000 Series Shell provides optimal durability and comfortability. The contoured seat promotes proper posture and, a relaxed seating function, back ventilation, allowing your students to learn in comfort. 

These shells are easy to install; to remove the old shell, drill out the rivets and remove the shell from the furniture frame. Inspect the frame for any structural problems, including cracks in welds or bent tubing. If the frame has no damage, and you determine that it is suitable for reuse, position the new shell on the existing frame and drill the attachment holes through the old frame attachment holes. The new chair shell is provided undrilled to allow fast and accurate installation.

Low-profile attaching nuts and bolts are included to attach the new shell to the old frame; factory rivets are also available upon request. Chair and Desk Shells are stocked in Navy Blue color but are also available in 11 other colors. Only sold as a replacement for Virco 9000 Series Chairs and Desks.

  • Ergonomic Design: The contoured Polyethylene shell material promotes proper, healthy posture and eliminates the distractions that come with being uncomfortable.
  • Durable: Heavy-Duty Polyethylene one-piece shell allows for years of practical use.
  • Cost-Effective: Replacement Chair Shells offer a much cheaper alternative to full furniture replacement. 

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  • Seat Material: Injection-Molded Polyethylene
  • Small Size: 12" & 14" Seat Height, Waist: 12"
  • Medium Size: 16" Seat Height, Waist: 13-3/4"
  • Large Size: 18" Seat Height, Waist: 15-1/4"
  • Nuts and Bolts Included
  • Sold as a replacement for Virco 9000 Series Chairs and Desks
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  • *This product cannot be sold for any other purpose other than replacing the original Virco 9000 Series Chair Shells.
Virco 9000 Shell Replacement
Virco 9000 Shell Replacement



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