Universal Stair Tread Riser - 7in. High

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RIS622 Stair Tread Riser
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  • Dimensions: 7in.High & 1/8in. Thick
  • Riser Toe: 5/8in. 
  • Standard Lengths: 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, or 72 in.

These coved, or molded, stair risers measure 1/8in. thick, 7in. high and have a 5/8in. toe. Available in standard lengths - 36in., 42in., 48in., 54in., 60in., or 72in. The 5/8in. toe will fit flush on top of the stair treads. The unique design allows for easier cleaning, is highly attractive, and can be trimmed to fit in height and length cutting labor costs. 

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