Your school may be unnecessarily spending thousands of dollars repairing floor scratches coming from student chairs and desks. Below are five simple solutions to minimize that expenditure and reduce the daily floor maintenance requirements of your custodial staff...

School Furniture Floor Scratching Solutions for SchoolsSchool Furniture Floor Scratching Solutions for Schools

School classroom floors take a beating. The heavy use of school desks and chairs by students moving constantly creates heavy wear on hard floor surfaces or carpets. Your existing classroom furniture may be the problem, especially if the furniture is 10+ years old.

After years of use, dirt on your floors can become embedded in the existing floor glides, creating a sandpaper-like effect that will mar and scratch your floor or tile surfaces.

School Fix® has patented several ready-to-ship solutions that are affordable and designed so that you can easily install them over your existing floor glides. Floor scratching solutions from School Fix® will significantly reduce floor marring or scratching, minimize floor maintenance costs, and cut distracting noise coming from your classroom furniture in half.

Q-Ball Renewal Glides →

Buy Q-Ball Renewal Glides to Prevent Floor ScratchingBuy Q-Ball Renewal Glides to Prevent Floor Scratching

SKU: Q-Ball Renewal Glide

Product Description

Q-Ball® Renewal Glides retrofit all existing school furniture allowing for a quiet, scratch-free function and flexibility to use furniture on all floor surfaces, including carpet, VCT tile, traditional tile, and hardwood floors.

These renewal glides are designed to keep your floors safe and keep your chairs steady, level, quiet, and scratch-free. Eliminate uneven and wobbly legs from worn-out chair tips and glides.

With easy, permanent installation, these won’t be a challenge to put onto your chairs, and you won’t have to worry about them coming off. They’re made to take all the abuse that can be dished out on school chairs--dragging them across the carpet, sliding them down tile halls, leaning and bumping and clanging. All the mistreatment that kids can dish out on a chair, the Q-Ball® Renewal Glides can handle, and then some.

Also available are the Felt Base Q-Ball® Renewal Glides, which are better suited for use on VCT tile, traditional tile, and hardwood floors.

Product Highlights

  • Savings are Dramatic: The investment in Q-Ball® Renewal Glides pays for itself just in floor maintenance savings.
  • Designed to Save Floors: The unique ball shape reduces surface-to-floor contact by 80%, eliminating floor scratches and grinding noise.
  • Permanent Installation: Engineered to fit over the existing glides and features non-reversing ridges that hold the ball securely on the leg.
  • Rubber-like PVC Surface: This limited-slide surface is popular because it stops floor scratching based on reducing the ability to slide or "scooch" the chair or desk.
  • Easy Installation: Simply snap the nylon insert over the existing glide and push the Q-Ball® Renewal Glide over the insert. No glide removal is needed.

Snap-Grip™ Felt Cap →

Buy Snap-Grip Cap with Felt to Prevent Floor ScratchingBuy Snap-Grip Cap with Felt to Prevent Floor Scratching


Product Description

The Snap-Grip™ Cap with Felt is designed to be the last glide cap you will ever need. Engineered to last, the felt fibers are infused into the rubber-like PVC, eliminating any potential felt failure. 

The patented Snap-Grip™ design wraps securely around the base of the existing chair glide to permanently hold the outer cap and completely cover the chair glide base. The large base surface of the cap has a 2" Diameter to distribute weight evenly, virtually eliminating any chance of floor scratching. The base will still be allowed to swivel freely to accommodate all angled-leg school chairs. 

The Snap-Grip™ Caps have a limited lifetime warranty and will work on all 1-1/4" tapered metal base swivel glides. Does not work, however, with non-tapered nylon-based glides.

Product Highlights

  • Control Floor Scratching: The large base surface of the cap allows weight to be distributed evenly to the floor, eliminating the threat of costly damage.
  • Durable and Dependable: Constructed of a thick PVC material with felt fibers infused into the base of the cap for superior strength.
  • Secure Fit: Designed to wrap around your existing metal chair glides and provide permanent floor protection.
  • Rearrange With Ease: Snap-Grip™ Caps allow the chair glide base to move freely, providing ideal mobility.

Soft-Fuzz GlideSocks™ →

Buy Soft-Fuzz Fabric Glide Socks for School FloorsBuy Soft-Fuzz Fabric Glide Socks for School Floors


Product Description

Our Soft-Fuzz Fabric GlideSocks™ offer a lightweight and cost-effective solution to prevent floor scratching in your facility. 

GlideSocks™ are specifically designed to fit over traditional chair glides found on all types of school furniture. The gray fabric material is soft and extremely durable, engineered to perform in heavy-use school environments. Recommended for use on hard floor surfaces, but can also be used on carpeted floor surfaces.  

Installation is simple, just stretch the sewn-on elastic band around the edge of the existing glide base, and you are good to go.

Looking for GlideSocks™ for your carpeted classroom floors? Be sure to check out the Smooth-Foam Fabric GlideSocks™.

Product Highlights

  • Control Floor Scratching: The soft-fuzz fabric of the Glide Sock provides a clean and cushioned point of contact for your school chairs.
  • Save Time and Money: Simple “stretch-and-go” design allows for efficient installation and immediate protection against costly floor damage.
  • Lightweight and Versatile: The soft fabric material weighs very little and can be used on all types of floors, although we recommend these for hard floors.
  • Durable and Dependable: Engineered specifically for heavy use in school environments.

Carpet Caps →

Buy Carpeted Glide Caps to Prevent School Floor ScratchingBuy Carpeted Glide Caps to Prevent School Floor Scratching

SKU: Carpet Caps

Product Description

Our Nylon Carpet Caps with Molded Felt Fiber offers a cost-effective solution to control floor scratching in your facility. Perfect for any seating scenario, whether in the classroom, cafeteria, or gym. 

The Nylon construction of the glide cap is engineered for superior durability. With a thick felt fiber pad molded into the base, the carpet cap will reduce floor scratching, eliminate rust spots, and reduce noise. 

Our sizes are made to fit chairs, desks, and tables from common school furniture brands. Add an optional adhesive pad (sold separately) for an even more secure fit to the glide.

Click here to view the School Furniture Glide Measuring Wizard for accurate chair glide measurements.

Optional 3/4" Peel and Stick Adhesive Discs are also available for purchase in order to secure the chair caps to the leg securely.

Product Highlights

  • Control Floor Scratching: The Carpet Caps feature a felt fiber base providing a cushioned point of contact, eliminating the threat of damage to your floors. 
  • Durable and Dependable: Constructed of a strong PVC material with a thick felt fiber pad molded into the base for superior durability.
  • Versatile: With sizes made to fit all school furniture types from common brands, these glide caps are perfect for any seating situation.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money by eliminating the threat of costly damages to your floors.

Plastic Sled Leg Glides →

Buy Sled Leg Felt Bottom Plastic Glides to Prevent Floor ScratchingBuy Sled Leg Felt Bottom Plastic Glides to Prevent Floor Scratching

SKU: Sled Leg Felt Bottom Plastic Glides

Product Description

The easy-to-install design and durable molded plastic construction make Sled Leg Felt Bottom Plastic Glides a great choice for any sled leg chair. Simply apply a small amount of pressure, and the glide will snap over the tubing to provide a long-lasting hold. Durable, tightly woven felt provides optimal performance in virtually any situation. All Sled Leg Felt Bottom Glides are gray in color with a white felt base. Offered in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs.

Product Highlights

  • Outer Sidewall Material: Flexible Nylon
  • Base Material: Flexible Nylon with Molded-In Felt Fiber
  • Color: Gray
  • Overall Length: 2"
  • Installation Type: Snap-On
Plastic Sled Leg Glides with Felt Bottom for SchoolsPlastic Sled Leg Glides with Felt Bottom for Schools

Let School Fix® Help!

Many School Floor Scratching Solutions can be implemented into your facility’s plan, but if you’re on a tight budget and need Furniture Glides, Chair Caps, and Leg Tips that are affordable and dependable, look no further - there’s a School Fix® product to fit your needs! We hope you found this guide helpful. To read more about our products or solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix® Blog.

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