Tape - Reflective, Anti-Slip, & Floor Marking

Anti-Slip Grit Surface Floor Tape can reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries in high-risk areas around your school. Apply Non-Slip Tape on stairs, door entrances, high traffic areas, or areas that can be susceptible to slip and fall hazards. High-Visibility Floor Tapes from SchoolFix® are available in multiple widths and color options, with or without writing, to display a caution or warning message. Choose the optional Floor Tape Application Tool to help you get big jobs done fast.

Vinyl Floor Marking Tape is a popular choice when there is a need to guide students or mark floor areas with... Read More

  1. 30ft. High-Intensive Reflective Permanent Tape
    As low as $32.85
  2. 30ft. Engineered Grade Reflective Permanent Tape
    As low as $22.50
  3. Caution Floor Slippery When Wet Anti-Slip Floor Sticker
    Only $10.95
  4. Caution Watch Your Step Anti-Slip Floor Sticker
    Only $10.95
  5. 6in. X 24in. Pre Cut Stair Tread Grit Strip
    Only $8.67
  6. 3in. X 60ft. Anti - Slip Floor Tape - Watch Your Step
    Only $52.75 As low as $50.50
  7. Floor Tape Laying Tool
    Only $199.95
  8. Anti-Slip Tape for Floors
    As low as $14.35

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