Parts to Fit Comtec & Santana Brand Toilet Partition Hardware

  1. Stainless Steel Slide Latch With 2-3/4in. Screw Holes
  2. Chrome Door Pull, 2-3/4in. Between Screws
  3. Chrome Door Pull, 3-1/2in. Between Screws
  4. Door Bumper
  5. Chrome Plated Slide Latch
  6. Chrome Hook And Bumper
  7. Chrome Slide Latch w/ Off Set Latch to Fit Mills Brand
  8. Coat Hook And Bumper Includes Hardware
  9. Chrome Plated Hook
  10. Chrome Plated Keeper Only
  11. Chrome Plated Stop Only
  12. Aluminum Slide Latch For Solid Plastic Partitions
  13. Aluminum Keeper Bumper For Solid Plastic Partitions
  14. Replacement Pin Set, Upper And Lower

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