Complete Tiger Pencil Sharpener

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  • Unit Dimensions: 4-3/4in.L x 2-1/2in. x 4-1/4in.H
  • Stainless Steel Cutter Blades
  • 8-Slot Rotating Pencil Guide
  • Handle Assembly Includes Threaded Hex Cap for Added Rigidity
  • New & Improved Pencil Stop Reduces Uneven or Over Sharpening
  • Re-Engineered Gear Assembly Provides a Smooth Sharpening Experience
  • Surface Mounting Hardware Not Included

The pencil sharpener is one of the most important classroom accessories there is. Providing students an easy-to-use, quality sharpener, designed to work with No. 2 pencils as well as other sizes, is a must-have for any school.

Our complete Tiger Pencil Sharpener is built to the highest quality standards, engineered to last in even the roughest school environment. Featuring a stainless steel blade, or cutter, assembly that keeps blades sharp for a longer time than most conventional sharpeners. The gearing is designed specifically to be quieter than most manual sharpeners and will continue to sharpen pencil points evenly for years. 

Last but not least, you can buy replacement parts including:

  • Replacement Blades or Cutters
  • Replacement Handle Crank
  • Replacement Housing/Shavings Case

If you have existing ®Boston KS sharpeners, our replacement parts will fit those sharpeners as well. This provides you with an easier way to integrate your old sharpeners with your new ones, all at a best-in-market price.

Click to shop this 2" x 3" metal bracket to reinforce your wall-mounted sharpener - Part No. P10381


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