Gym Sports Equipment

Elevate your game with School Fix® sports equipment. Clearly mark gym activity destinations with vibrantly colored vinyl tape. Set up plastic gym cones to create games and block off areas.

When it’s time to play, set up basketball backboards and nets, pull out scooter carts or head outside to the soccer field. We also have storage options, including ball carts, mesh sports bags, shelf carts and wrestling mat carts to keep your gym organized and safe.

  1. DuraSkin Padding for 72in. Rectangular Backboards
    As low as $164.95
  2. 9in. High Plastic Gym Cones
    As low as $1.99
  3. Nylon Soccer Nets
    As low as $87.65
  4. Scooter Carts
    As low as $21.95
  5. 1in. x 36 Yard Gym Floor Marking Tape
    As low as $3.95
  6. Commercial Grade Nylon Basketball Net
  7. Outdoor Zinc Plated Chain Basketball Net
  8. 76in. Long Backboard Adjustment Hook Tool
  9. 16in.W X 53in. H Traditional 4 Shelf Ball Cart - Holds 16 Balls
  10. 16in.W X 40in. H Traditional 3 Shelf Ball Cart - Holds 12 Balls
  11. 48in.L X 26in. W X 43in. H Large Ball and Equipment Cart
  12. Nylon mesh Sports Ball Bag
  13. Indoor/Outdoor Locking Ball Cart With Nylon Bag
  14. 9in. High Plastic Gym Cones - 4 Pack
  15. 24in.W X 58in. L Wrestling Mat Cart
  16. Rubber-Like PVC Durable Baseball Base Plug

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