Display Cases & Message Boards

Message Boards & Display Cases

Message Display Cabinets with Bulletin Board Interior will keep messages securely posted.  The locking Aluminum cabinet can be made with a top message area to show the school name. These cabinets are available for indoor or outdoor use, with single doors or double doors, in sizes to fit any school hallway or office display needs. 

Display trophies, awards, pictures, and plaques in an enclosed and locked Trophy Display Cabinet. Cabinet construction is made from a sturdy Aluminum frame surround, with tempered glass for safe and smooth operation. Three rows of 16" deep Tempered Glass shelves are included to allow you to show your school trophies and awards. Available with a trackable Vinyl backing material that can be made your choice of nine colors.

  1. Wall Mounted Display Cases
    As low as $1,469.50
  2. Glass Cabinet Lock - Keyed The Same
  3. Glass Cabinet Lock Keyed Separately
  4. Shelf Support Brackets
  5. Textured Vinyl Fabric Bulletin Boards with Wrapped Edges
    As low as $149.65
  6. Indoor Letter Board Display Cabinet with Sliding Doors
    As low as $539.45
  7. Shelf Support Brackets
  8. Replacement Letter Packages
    As low as $17.50
  9. Grooved Letter Boards
    As low as $251.45
  10. Sliding Door Radius Display Boards
    As low as $370.84
  11. Locking Radius Design Display Boards
    As low as $238.34
  12. Indoor Bulletin Display Cabinet
    As low as $210.95
  13. Outdoor Bulletin Display Cabinet
    As low as $268.65
  14. 11-1/2in. x 16-1/4in. Interchangeable Custom Vinyl Sign
  15. Indoor Letter Board Display Cabinet with School Name
    As low as $306.75
  16. Outdoor Letter Board Display Cabinet with School Name
    As low as $398.85
  17. Indoor/Outdoor Bulletin Display Cabinets with 6" Header Display
    As low as $314.55
  18. 16 3/8in. X 23 1/4in. Aluminum Display Frame
  19. 16-3/8in. x 23-1/4in. Interchangeable Custom Vinyl Sign
  20. 11 1/2in. X 16 1/4in. Aluminum Display Frame
  21. 8 1/2in. X 11 1/2in. Aluminum Display Frame
  22. 8-1/2in. x 11-1/2in. Interchangeable Vinyl Custom Sign
  23. 23 1/4in. X 33in. Aluminum Display Frame
  24. 23 1/4in. X 33in. Interchangable Custom Vinyl Sign
  25. Poster Size Double Sided A-Frame
  26. Removable Letter Panel For Display Boards

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