Palnut For Current Penco Locker Handle

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  • Material: Hardened Metal
  • Fits Penco Brand Locker Handles
  • Sold Individually

A Palnut is a piece of hardware designed to secure Penco Brand Locker Handles. Palnut lock nuts incorporate a design principle that has been in use for more than 60 years because of the simplicity and effectiveness of design. 

These nuts may be used alone for load-carrying in light-duty assemblies or they may be used on top of ordinary nuts to assure tightness of high-stress assemblies.  Attach the Palnut by simply applying pressure with our Palnut Tool and finishing with a slight twist to tighten. 

Palnuts make the job of installing and replacing Penco Brand Locker Handles much easier. Simply install over the handle case post, to hold the handle secure to the door. The tamper-proof design holds the handle securely in place.

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