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When struggling with sticky locker doors, our Locker Door Jamb Adjuster is the perfect tool if you're looking to replace the pliers, and speed up the door jamb straightening process. With just two easy steps you can have a straight door jamb to allow your locker door to shut smoothly. Simply insert the jamb into the slotted end, and bend accordingly. This tool is double-sided to ensure that it can adjust door jambs from most locker brands.

Made of hardened steel, this is a tool that will handle the most troublesome jobs--that locker that is stuck and simply will not move. Use the Locker Door Jamb Adjuster Tool to save time and labor, making a time-consuming job much more efficient.

Locker maintenance is never a fun job--people and kids abuse lockers constantly and they’re an unending source of repair and maintenance. Our job is to make that job a little easier, and the Locker Door Jamb Adjuster Tool will ease the burden you’ve got on you to fix locker after locker. Use the power of leverage in your favor and use this lever to adjust that jamb without the need for pliers or other tools. And the double-sided design makes it so you can fit any brand locker.

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