Dusting Tools & Extension Poles

  1. Unger Brand Aluminum Extension Poles Fast Change Out Duster Handle
    Unger Aluminum Extension Poles
    As low as $32.77
  2. Universal Aluminum Telescopic Handles for Threaded or Tapered Head Attachment
    Universal Aluminum Telescopic Handle
    As low as $52.58
  3. Part No. JC73 Universal Extension Pole Adjustable 2.5 - 4ft
    Universal Extension Pole Adjustable 2.5 - 4ft.
    Only $8.50
  4. 3-Stage 6ft Telescopic Aluminum Handle Pole Duster Combination JT304
    3 Section Pole and Dust Combo
    Only $19.94 As low as $17.95
  5. JT315
    Microfiber Dust Head - 6 Pack
    Only $39.84
  6. Ceiling Fan Duster
    Ceiling Fan Duster
    Only $17.79
  7. U411
    Cob Web Duster
    Only $8.88
  8. Extendable Lambs Wool Duster with Plastic Handle
    Extendable Lamb’s Wool Duster
    As low as $12.10
  9. 24in Long Poly Fiber Duster with Plastic Handle Machine Washable VX3
    26in. Long Poly Fiber Duster