How to Determine Facility Door Handing (Like An Expert!)

Stock photo of door hinge installationDoor swing direction, or door handing, can be very confusing to determine not to mention costly if parts are ordered incorrectly. Most of the confusion of door swing direction is caused when deciding what side of the door one should be on to make the determination. This can be especially difficult with interior doors.


The outside or exterior side of the door also called the push side, is typically used when determining swing direction or handing. This is widely used for exterior or interior doors. However, this method of determining handing doesn’t work for all products.

To help simplify things, we’ve put together this guide of common parts that you’ll need to know the handing for when ordering, and how to determine the handing and/or swing of each.


Door Hardware & Accessories

Door Hinges Door Closers and Security Latch Door Handing DiagramWhen ordering our popular Door Reinforcing Hinges, or even selecting a series of name-brand Door Closers & parts, knowing your door’s handing will be required. Security Latch door security bars also include two models that handing will need to be determined for.


For these door parts, you’ll use the standard method. To determine exterior door handing, face your door from the “push” side of the door. That is, if you’re standing outside and you need to pull the door towards you, then you will need to be on the inside, the push side of the door, to determine handing. If the hinges are on the left (and handle on the right), this is a Left-Handed, Outswing door. If the hinges are on the right (and the handle is on the left), then this is a Right Handed, Outswing door.


Lockers and Master Lock Door Handing DiagramLocker Repair Parts & Replacement Locks

Ordering locker parts can also be confusing if you follow the standard handing directions. The typical method, as we explained above, requires you to be on the “push” side of the door to determine handing, however, that is a bit complicated with school lockers since you can’t be on the push side of a locker (you will always pull them open from the outside).


To simplify ordering replacement locker parts & locks we’ve made determining handing easy. Face the locker door, if the hinges are on the left (and the handle is on the right), then it’s a left-hand door; if the hinges are on the right (and the handle is on the left), then it’s a right-hand door.

Toilet Partition Doors Door Handing DiagramToilet Partition Hinges

We’ve also simplified determining handing for toilet partition door hinges. First of all, you will always be outside of the bathroom stall facing the door, rather than inside the stall, to determine inswing or outswing. If the door opens into the stall, then it’s an inswing door; if the door opens out, or pulls toward you, then it’s an outswing door.


To determine the handing of your partition door, again, face the door from outside of the stall. If the hinges are on the left, it’s a left-hand door; if the hinges are on the right, it’s a right-hand door.


We hope this guide has been helpful & will assist you in ordering your locker and bathroom partition hardware with confidence. When in doubt, our sales staff is available via phone or online chat to help you determine handing and order the correct parts for your doors!


To read more about our products, including toilet partitions, portable barricades, school whiteboards and more or about solutions to common school maintenance concerns, please visit the School Fix Blog.


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