How to Buy Toilet Partition Hardware That's Easy on Your Budget

How to buy toilet partition hardwareFinding the correct toilet partition replacement parts for your school restroom can be a challenge. These issues can include affordability, matching the brand of partition, matching the material of the partitions, or difficulty locating the needed parts. At School Fix Catalog, we understand your needs and have worked hard to create an inventory of toilet partition hardware that will work with any brand or type of partition at affordable prices. 


From hard-to-find partition door latches and bumpers to hinges, hooks, and brackets, we have designs that have been in use for decades by many toilet partition manufacturers. Our parts have been organized in such a way that you can search by the original manufacturer name, or simply search our universal replacement partition parts that have been specifically designed to fit most brands. The guide below offers an overview of how to find what you need to fix your restroom partitions that's easy and affordable.


why universally designed partition hardware is the way to goWhy universally designed partition hardware is the way to go

Whether you're having difficulty finding parts for your specific brand of partition, or you need to keep costs down for repairs, then our partition hardware designed to universally fit most partition brands is your best bet.


Our Universal Toilet Partition Hardware consists of a vast selection of bathroom stall parts, mounting hardware & tools. All of our restroom partition parts & hardware are universally designed to fit most major brands and partition material and thickness but at a more affordable price. The list below contains everything you need to fix up your restroom partitions today.


  • Brackets and Headrails: Our heavy-duty toilet partition bracketing is available in thicknesses to fit most toilet partition material thickness. Shop Toilet Partition Latches, Keepers, and BumpersChoose from Standard Panel Brackets in Chrome Plated & Stainless Steel Designs, or Continuous Brackets & Urinal Brackets in Chrome Plated, Aluminum, Stainless Steel & Plastic designs. All tamperproof attaching hardware is included.
  • Keeper Bumpers and Latches: Our universal toilet partition replacement parts consist of a vast selection of bathroom stall latches, locks, and keeper bumpers with designs to fit most major brands on the market. Shop our most popular latches including the chrome-plated or stainless steel bathroom stall slide latches. Keeper bumpers are available for inswing or outswing toilet partition doors. Toilet Partition latches feature surface mount designs that fit most round or square edge partitions.

  • Door Bumpers, Hooks, and Pulls: We offer a large selection of bathroom stall hooks, door bumpers, and door pulls designed to fit any major brand toilet partition. Bathroom stall hooks are the perfect accessory to your partition doors, allowing for a convenient place to hang coats & purses. Choose from single or double prong hooks, made of plastic, aluminum, or chrome plate. Door hooks & bumpers are another cost-effective addition to your facilities’ partitions.

  • Hinges, Hinge Kits, and Parts: Universal restroom stall door hinges, hinge kits, and hinge parts include Gravity Hinge Sets, Continuous Stainless Steel Piano Hinge, reinforced hinge sets, and kits for round or square edge partitions. Our universal designs will fit or retrofit most leading brands of toilet partitions on the market.

  • Reinforcement Pilaster, or Door, Channels: Shop replacement partition hardwareThe perfect solution to fix toilet partition doors that may have holes or notches left behind from previous hinges or latches. Armor stall stainless steel door reinforcer and pilaster channel both come pre-drilled and accepts surface-mounted continuous hinges, made to fit standard door and pilaster thickness.

  • Pilaster Shoes and Brackets: We offer a large selection of restroom partition pilaster accessories including pilaster shoes, supports, and mounting brackets. Everything you need to install and repair partition pilasters.

  • Mounting Hardware and Tools: From a hand driver set for 6-star tamperproof screws to plastic plug anchors, we have all the toilet partition mounting hardware and tools you need to make partition repairs quick, easy, and vandal-resistant.


Shopping name brand partition hardware just got easier

We offer replacement hardware made to fit several name brand partition manufacturer’s including: 

  1. Parts to fit Accurate Partitions
  2. Parts to fit Comtec & Santana Partitions
  3. Parts to fit Hadrian Partitions
  4. Parts to fit Knickerbocker Partitions
  5. Parts to fit Mills Partitions
  6. Parts to fit Sanymetal Partitions
  7. Shop Heavy Duty Toilet Partition BracketsParts to fit Weis Robart & Metpar Partitions
  8. Parts to fit All American Partitions
  9. Parts to fit American Sanitary Partitions
  10. Parts to fit Bobrick Partitions
  11. Parts to fit Bradley Partitions
  12. Parts to fit Capital Partitions
  13. Parts to fit Columbia Partitions
  14. Parts to fit General Partitions
  15. Parts to fit Global Steel Partitions 


When you need more than hardware for your restrooms

When you need more than hardware for your restroomsMaybe your restroom partitions need more than just hardware replacements and repair. Whether you're looking to replace partition doors, pilasters, or panels, or you need new partitions, we can help with that too. New restroom partitions provide users with a safer, cleaner, more accessible bathroom function.  Maintenance, cleaning, and accessibility can be made more effective by choosing the proper material and size. 


Choosing the best toilet partitions for your restroom can be a very cost-effective way to improve your school restrooms' look and function. We make ordering Toilet Partitions easy, with dedicated design staff ready to draw up new partitions for your review. Installation is manageable, so even a small school maintenance crew can complete the project in a short timeframe.


By incorporating heavy-duty concealed stall door hinges, latches, and bumpers into the toilet partition design, you can ensure your restroom operates safely and efficiently. Replacement restroom stall doors, panels, and pilasters are also available and include all mounting hardware. 


We hope you found this guide helpful. To learn more about solutions to common school maintenance concerns please visit the School Fix® Blog, or explore our collections of products we have everything from locker parts to parking lot barricades or bathroom partition hardware.



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