Fire Alarm Pull & Thermostat Covers

Keep your building secure and reduce the risk of false fire alarm pulls by installing fire alarm pull station covers over your existing fire pull stations. Simple surface-mounted installation, choose from models to mount over the existing conduit or flush to the surface. A battery-operated pre-alarm is triggered when the transparent cover is lifted to deter false fire alarm pulls without... Read More

  1. Polycarbonate Thermostat Protectors
    As low as $30.55
  2. False Fire Alarm Protectors
    As low as $106.95
  3. Polycarbonate Strobe Guard
    Only $40.99
  4. Universal Pull Station Cover
    Only $72.60
  5. Extension Kit For Ap343 Cover
    Only $24.95
  6. Alarm Option For Ap343 Cover
    Only $30.50

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