Clocks - School Hallway & Classroom

To make your school run as efficiently as possible, punctuality and productivity play an important role. Clocks throughout your building need to be of exceptional quality, accuracy, and visibility. Our X-Wave Clocks are made specifically for school use, with a large face and numbers to allow maximum visibility from the higher out-of-reach classrooms, gyms, hallway, or office areas.

Our popular Self-Adjusting Atomic Clock is battery operated and radio-controlled to automatically adjust several times per day, or choose traditional battery operated and Manually Adjusted Quartz Clock. Our large, h... Read More

  1. 14in./16in. X-Wave Military Style Atomic Clock
    As low as $39.95
  2. 12in. X 6in. LED Display Clock With 4in. Red Display
  3. 14in. X-Wave Atomic Clock
  4. 16in. X-Wave Atomic Clock
  5. 14in. X-Wave Quartz Clock
  6. 16in. X-Wave Quartz Clock - Non-Atomic
  7. 16in. Double Faced Atomic Clock
  8. 16in. Double Faced Quartz Clock
  9. 16in. Double Faced Military Style Clock

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