1. Modern Flex Shaped Activity Table
    As low as $299.55
  2. Standard Rectangular Folding Tables
    As low as $107.25
  3. Modern Wave Design Activity Table
    As low as $194.15
  4. Trapezoid Top Adjustable Height Desk
    As low as $172.85
  5. Tri-Top Adjustable Height Desk
    As low as $182.95
  6. Quick-Ship Multi-Purpose Activity Tables
    As low as $272.95
  7. Virco Rectangular Activity Tables
    As low as $158.95
  8. Virco Round Activity Tables
    As low as $221.95
  9. Virco Trapezoid Activity Tables
    As low as $221.95
  10. Virco Kidney Activity Tables
    As low as $370.25
  11. Seminar Tables
    As low as $85.35
  12. Science Lab Tables With Square Legs & Book Box
    As low as $372.70
  13. Science Lab Tables With Round Adjustable Legs
    As low as $644.95
  14. Science Lab Tables With Square Fixed Legs
    As low as $332.95

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Category Details

When choosing the appropriate Activity Table to enhance any school learning environment, consider trusted brands that have been designing tables for school and classroom environments for decades. Create a more collaborative classroom, laboratory, or any room in your school where you need a reliable Student Workspace or Folding Tables for events.

SchoolFix® offers many options to fit into any school classroom or learning environment. Choose from popular industry-leading School Table brands, such as Virco, AmTab, Correll, and National Public Seating Brand Activity Tables, with a large selection of adjustable height designs, collaborative-shaped student workspace tops, and the popular rectangular or circle shaped tops with adjustable height legs. 

SchoolFix® also represents a large selection of heavy-duty Classroom or Science Lab Tables with fixed or adjustable height legs to accommodate any student age group.

Table storage and transportation are made easier with our vast selection of Table Carts, Movers, and Dollies to make event set-up and break down easy and efficient.

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