Furniture Movers & Parts

  1. Multi-Purpose 3-Wheel Corner Movers - Set of 4
  2. PVC Coated 4 Wheel Multi-Purpose Mover, 400lb. Capacity
  3. Large Capacity Platform Style Stacking Chair Dolly, 500lb. Capacity
  4. All Welded 4-Wheel File Cabinet & Flat Top Dollies, 1000lb. Capacity
    As low as $146.29
  5. Large Capacity 4-Wheel Mover w/PVC Coated Deck, 1200lb. Capacity
  6. Heavy Duty PVC Coated 4 Wheel Mover Low Boy Design, 1500lb. Capacity
  7. 28in.W X 42in. L Wrestling Mat Cart
  8. 13 1/2in. W X 16in. L Multi-Purpose Scooter Dolly
  9. Lay Flat Table Movers
    As low as $235.20
  10. Multi-Use Table Mover (8-10 Round or Rectangular Tables)
  11. Padded Moving Blankets
  12. 4-Wheel Mover Dollies
    As low as $28.44
  13. Yellow Portable Curb Ramp 27in. X 27in., Up To 8in. Curb
  14. FacilityMax Universal Receptacle Dolly
  15. Rubber Strap-Down Ties
    As low as $31.35
  16. 7in. X 7in. Large Hexagon Furniture Glider Discs
  17. 4-3/4 in. Diameter Medium Circle Furniture Glider Discs
  18. 24in. X 36in. Aluminum Fold Down Platform Truck
  19. Folding Chair Cart - Holds 28 Chairs
  20. Versatile Steel Desk Lifter And Mover, 500lb. Capacity
  21. Narrow Steel Desk Lifter And Mover, 500lb. Capacity
  22. Computer/Utility Versatile Desk Mover Attachment For 338 & 334
  23. Single Drawer Desk Lift Attachment
  24. Replacement Handle For 338 Desk Lifter And Mover
  25. Replacement Locking Fork For 338 Desk Lifter And Mover
  26. Stacking Chair Dolly
  27. Student Desk Lifter And Mover
  28. Table and Sheet Panel Mover, 300lb. Capacity
  29. Large 3 Wheel Mover Sold as Pair, 750lb. Capacity
  30. Tip And Roll File Cabinet Mover, 1000lb. Capacity

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