Popular Janitorial Tools

  1. 32oz. Reusable Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer
  2. Heavy Duty Broom and Dustpan Combo with Aluminum Handles
  3. 12in. Plastic Dust Pan
  4. 12in. Heavy Duty Metal Dustpan
  5. Power Drill Scrub Brush Kit - 4pcs.
  6. Power Drill 5in. Cleaning Pad Holder Head Only
  7. Universal Extension Pole Adjustable 2.5 - 4ft.
  8. 14in. Microfiber Dust Head w/2.5 - 4ft. Extension Pole
  9. Microfiber Cleaning Mitten
  10. 14 Quart Heavy Duty Bucket
  11. Power Drill 5in. Scrub and Polish Pad Attachment
    As low as $1.98
  12. Multi-Surface 2-Angle Brush, 6-1/2in.
  13. 5in. Poly Scrub Brush
  14. 9in. Nylon Thin Scrub Brush
  15. 13in. Long Counter Brush
  16. 4 1/2in. Round Wash Brush
  17. 15/16in. X 54in. Corn/Fiber Echo Broom
  18. 38in. Aluminum Handle Soft Bristle Broom w/ 12in. Head
  19. 54in. Aluminum Handle Soft Bristle Broom w/ 12in. Head
  20. 7/8in X 55in. Corn Broom
  21. 1-1/8in. X 24in. W X 60in. Handle - Soft Bristle Push Broom
  22. 18in. Hard Bristle Push Broom With 56in. Steel Handle
  23. Cob Web Duster
  24. Ceiling Fan Duster
  25. Microfiber 2 Sided Hand Duster Mitten
  26. Microfiber Mitten
  27. Microfiber Dust Cloth 16in. X 16in.
  28. Microfiber Terry Cloth 16in X 16in
  29. Microfiber 12in X 12in Dust Cloth
  30. 26in. Long Poly Fiber Duster

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